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(past) Who hasn't played Mortal Kombat, and I loved every second of it. Why, Inherent Attraction, I just loved beating other things to a bloody pulp and ripping out their insides with your bare hands. What's not to like? But this really applied to my Competitor, The sheer pleasure I got beating my brothers, and the anger I felt when I lost. I feel this game is entirely competitive.

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sou o vento frio e o medo afiado sobre seus ombros o pesadelo do gelo um nevueiro ne um amanhecer frio de inverno eu sou o subzero

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Mortal Kombat X - PlayStation 4 and you shall be mine thanks to my awesome partner who has you preordered!!! ^.^

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Did you realize that by now all of these characters are in the Mortal Kombat universe? Yeah, me either! But they are, and as a fan I thought I would post this pic to represent all of the M.K. games. I have a few that didn't impress like others, but they are all worth picking up at least once.

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