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Mortise Chisel

Make a Chisel Plane

Sharpening Guide I use sandpaper to sharpen my chisels. By "sanding" the bevel of the blade flat and smooth, it produces a sharp edge in just a few minutes. The problem is holding the chisel at a consistent angle as you sharpen. To do this, I clamp the chisel to a simple sharpening guide (see photo). As you can see in the drawing at the right, the guide starts off as a pair of wedge-shaped support blocks that hold the top at a 25° angle. To square up the chisel (and keep it from…


XHD Chisel-Knife (w/ Free Knife)

Versatile XHD Chisel Knife - It's the ultimate hybrid, incorporating features of a knife, chisel, hatchet, cleaver, pry bar, hammer, and rescue tool. It's a jobsite or campsite Do-Everything Tool. It's even great for demolition


Chisel-zero grind on this @emersonknivesinc Custom CQC-22! #emersonknives #emersoncustomknives #cqc22 #tacticalknife #handmade #titanium #knife #micarta #grailknives #usnstagram #everydaycarry #knifecommunity

Movable Chisel Holders - by Richforever @ ~ woodworking community

Your Basic Guide to Chisels

Oh how familiar we in the traditional trades are with hand tools. Thank-you @Popular Woodworking for a great illustration to show our followers some of the common tools we use.


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