MOSQUITO YARD SPRAY Big bottle Blue cheap mouthwash 3 cups of Epsom salt, 3 stale 12 oz cheap beer mix those three ingredients together until salt is dissolved... Spray anywhere you sit outside , around pools , will not harm plants or flowers... Mosquitoes gone from that area for apprx. 80 days.. I spray my deck all around my sitting areas twice a summer.. Go out and sit in underwear all time at nite and never get bit .. They leave that area you spray and will not come back.. Been using…

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Mosquitos yard spray. I'm not sure what else this would keep away? I prefer to keep it natural around the home, keep the eco system going

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1 Big Bottle Of Blue Cheap Mouthwash 3 Cups Of Epson Salts 3 12oz Cans Of Beer *mix until salt is dissolved and spray* Won't harm nature or family and works for 2-3 months!

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