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The Most Expensive Dog in the World - The Red Tibetan Mastiff is the most expensive dog in the world. This ancient guarding breed has recently become something of a status symbol among China’s uber-wealthy class. They viewed as a “pure Chinese” breed because of its well-documented history and nearly exclusive Chinese population.The most expensive Tibetan Mastiff ever sold is named Big Splash, or "Hong Dong" in Chinese, who sold for 10 million Yuan (about 1.5 million US Dollars).

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Meet “Big Splash” This red Tibetan Mastiff is the world most expensive dog…

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Would you spend $3.2 million on this dog collar? Seriously, some people just have entirely too much money!

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The 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

Samoyed stands first among the 5 most expensive dog breeds, click the pic for complete list

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Five Most Expensive Dog Breeds

Five Most Expensive Dog Breeds....... well well my squints is number 1.

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These 25 Pups Are So Tiny And Squishy You'll Want To Keep Them All For Yourself

Top 10 Most Expensive Dogs in the World

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A Red Tibetan Mastiff puppy has become the world’s most expensive dog after being sold for almost $1.6 million.

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Tibetan Mastiff

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A Puppy Sells for $1.5 Million - Dollars for Dogs - How Much Is That Doggy in the Window?

'Hong Dong' (Red Splash): Red Tibetan Mastiff bought for 1.5 Million Dollars! (

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The million-pound mutt: Red Tibetan Mastiff becomes world's most expensive dog

Ancient breed: The dog is a descendant of animals kept by nomadic Chinese tribes Tibetan Mastiff

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