My Mother In Law should read this and then realize that MAYBE she does have two other grandchildren....cow! But knowing her she won't see or believe her faults. POS

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Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace. Getting irritated over how others respond is giving your power away! Whether it's someone cutting you off on the freeway, your children misbehaving, or your mother-in-law meddling, this can be applied in all areas of life. Choose to stay calm and peaceful no matter how others behave. I promise it will change your life.

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Dear Satan-In-Law, Your classless remarks & made up lies only make it clear to everyone how jealous of me you are. Sincerely, I'd be jealous too.

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- Express Your Frustration with Bad Mother in Law Quotes - EnkiVillage

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dear mother in law ... <------ I figuratively died laughing when I read this! Jules

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daughter in law quotes and sayings | Primitive Patterns - Stitcheries - Samplers and Sayings - Daughter In ...

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This is my Mother In-Laws Mothers Day card. Its Blank because the only thing I could think of is 'You're a Fucking Bitch.'

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