Mother son tattoo for my younger son

It is the celtic symbol for mother and child and her birth date.

New tattoo idea? Add a ponytail on one of the children to symbolize a girl....hmm, I really like that idea, maybe one day I'll do it.

The infinite love of mother and children

mother son tattoo @Kayla Barkett Wright and @Tisha G Drew I wanna go get these!!! This is the mother son and there is a mother daughter one!!

Mother and son tatoo-- will need to add their names or initials!....THIS WILL BE MY NEXT TATTOO , I WILL EITHER ADD LAYNE'S FIRST NAME OR HIS INITIALS , NOT QUITE SURE YET

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Maybe something for mother daughter or mother sons..

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Mother daughter tattoo

Rather than the quote I'd put my son's name (Christian)....A mother's son is her anchor.

Family of four people abstract symbols(icons) using line loops. The icons are of father, mother, son & daughter in black colored lines with ...

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Tree of Life - mother son skeleton

Celtic Symbol For Son Tattoo Celtic mother

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Mother & Son Tattoo. If like one of these on my inner wrist and incorporate my boys birthstone colors!

celtic mother son tattoo - Google keresés

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mother and son tattoo designs - Google Search