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It is the celtic symbol for mother and child and her birth date.

New tattoo idea? Add a ponytail on one of the children to symbolize a girl....hmm, I really like that idea, maybe one day I'll do it.

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Mother daughter tattoo!

Footprint Art your Child's prints New baby by MyForeverPrints, $25.00

mother son tattoo @Kayla Barkett Wright and @Tisha G Drew I wanna go get these!!! This is the mother son and there is a mother daughter one!!

Mother Son Symbol Tattoo | mother son symbol - group picture, image by tag -

great tattoo! A lot smaller and maybe placed somewhere else.. but i do love this one.

My New 'Mother & Son' Tattoo instead of a heart I would do a puzzle piece.

The infinite love of mother and children

Mother child tattoo - Would remove the flower and name and put in Wyatt's birthday because it is also my moms....dual purpose!

beautiful unobvious memorial tattoos....sound waves of a mother's last voicemail to her son

  • Jess Seymour

    Pretty sure most mums of that generation wud a be gutted that they inspired this. Love tattoos but this os ott.

  • Marisa Mangini

    This is absolutely beautiful, very creative!

  • Kerri Barnhart

    For those who like the idea, but think a tat is a little too much, look for "sound wave bracelet" and "sound wave art."

  • Christina Mosley

    What am awesome idea! So unique!

  • Michelle Hawkins

    Kinda looks like self harming :/ beautiful concept though!

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3 intertwined open Hearts signifying mother, father, and child OMG i love this!! ♥ bc we can add on to it once we're ready to have more! :D this is a good idea!! I'm just not sure I'm brave enough to actually get a tattoo

Mother & Son Tattoo. If like one of these on my inner wrist and incorporate my boys birthstone colors!

Mother Daughter Symbols Tattoos | Big Set Of Mother And Baby Symbols Stock Photos - Image: 25394813

Tattoo representing our family, mother, daughter and son.

Like the style of this tattoo... Would have my son's name and date of birth... Placement on top of foot.

Family of four people abstract symbols(icons) using line loops. The icons are of father, mother, son & daughter in black colored lines with ...

Mother Son Tattoos - Bing Images This might be the one. Been thinking for over a year what to get

Mother and Son Tattoo Designs | For The Symbol Of Mother And Child A Tattoo Yahoo Answers

  • Mary Haas

    I actually have this tattooed on my back. It's pinned on my Ink Board. I got it done in 2006/2007.

  • Amanda Whitaker

    This touched my heart...I lost a baby 3 years ago, but I pray a lot at the beach... Thank you.

  • Katie Ivers

    @Tracy, maybe it's like in The Sims and they baby just appears? Lol

  • Nevada Brown

    The artist's name is Selina Fenech. She has a whole series of mermaid and fairy art available.

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mother son tattoo symbols celtic | Tattoos Representing Mother And Son Celtic tattoos designs- high

This WILL be my first tattoo. going to add AJ's name and birth date to it as well.

My mother son tattoo i will be getting this for Jaxon

mother son tattoos - Google Search

Neeeeeeeeed to get a tat soon! I might just explode. LOVE this quote too. Need something for my little b.

Mother son celtic knot inside polynesian turtle tattoo