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I am not always a good person. I am not always the best daughter, friend or lover. I don't always make he best decisions and sometimes my illness wins over... but I am a good mother. And my struggles, my battles, my wars with these illnesses, have only helped that.


Taurus women make excellent mothers, they will be more of a friend to their children than the typical mommies. A Taurus woman will also teach their kids how to be strong and will protect them from the big bad outside world. She never shirks from or whines about her responsibilities. Her man will be expected to do the same


You'll be her first role model. Her first best friend. She'll be your forever love.Jennifer, Sami, and Kaycee❤️


my stomach churns as i read this. my mother and ex friend did many of these things to me all the time. now i'm beginning to suspect that yet another one of my friends is a narc... what am i? a narc magnet? why can't i have people who will just accept me as i am and be a real friend to me?


The Virgin of the Lilies by William Adolphe Bougereau (1825-1905) and a quote by Saint Louis De Montfort (1673-1716) on the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary.