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One of the foundational images of motion capture, Etienne Jules Marey, chronophotographs from "The Human Body in Action," Scientific American (1914). By this time Marey had migrated from pure photography to abstraction, where strips of highly reflective material were applied to the limbs of a subject otherwise draped in black, so only the key elements of #motion were registered. The checkerboard allowed speed to be measured by also capturing a clock. #experimentsinmotion


The Fusion of Dance and Motion Capture

The Fusion of Dance and Motion Capture Asphyxia is an experimental film project directed by Maria Takeuchi and Frederico Phillips. Artists explore human movement through motion capture technology. The team used two Xbox Kinect sensor to capture the movements of the dancer Shiho Tanaka then rendered the data produced in a photo-realistic environment.


Captivating Photos Of Male Dancers In Motion

Nir Arieli has an eye for motion, capturing breathtaking snapshots of male dancers as they perform arabesques allongé across ethereal spaces. His series, entitled "Tension," combines the intimacy of portraiture with the artful layering of digital photography, producing dizzying images that pay homage to the beauty of the male form.


• treatment of type blends in with image • shadows and layering give a transitional tone to reinforce text and image integration. • web idea with compositional lines focus your attention on the words Motion Theatre.


Photos Capture the Uncontrollable Motion of Dancing


Spectacular Motion Capture Dance Performance by Method Studios

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