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Motivational Thoughts For Students

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20 Motivational Quotes to Start Your Week

Change ain't easy...Don't think about it, Just do it!! Comfort zones are weak zones, the zones of excuses and fear. Use the strength you KNOW you have, to get out of it. You wouldn't have come this far, if you were weak. It took STRENGTH...Focus on what you really love and want, and doors will seemingly, miraculously open for you..If you are not prepared to do that, don't complain..The choice is yours!

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15 Beautiful Sayings and Quotes To Make You Smile Or Think

Motivational quotes keep people interested in life and give them hope to achieve their goals even when they get distracted from their path, these words play the magical role to keep them on the track


24 Quotes for Living a Happy Life, from Dr. Seuss. This collection of quotes is nice at this time of year when students are graduating, whether from Kindergarten or college. Inspirational advice from the original guru.

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Don’t worry, be happy (14 photos)