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Using the *Arduino Motor Shield* to interface with 2 DC motors


Arduino stepper motor and servos shield - AW GCSE Board

This instructable will show you show to build an Arduino shield which can be used to control 3 servos and 1 stepper motor using 4 potentiometers. You ...

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Stacking Shields. You can stack up to 32 shields for a total of 64 steppers or 128 DC motors, or ....[insert your function here]! The only thing to watch for when stacking shields is every shield must have a unique I2C address. The default address is 0x60. You can adjust the address of the shields to range from 0x60 to 0x80 for a total of 32 unique addresses. (this is the explanation for Adafruit boards, it would be similar for arduino)


Arduino L298 Motor Shield