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This Is NASA's New Solar-Electric Propulsion Engine

NASA has posted an image of its new solar-electric propulsion thruster, which uses xenon ions for propulsion.


Motoare electrice Motorul electric sau electromotorul, cum mai este denumit, este un dispozitiv electromagnetic care transforma energia electrica in energie mecanica. Pentru procesul invers (energie mecanica- energie electrica) este nevoie de un generator electric. Aceste dispozitive au diferite aplicatii: de la...

Forţa electromagnetică Linia de câmp magnetic este linia tangentă în orice punct al ei la direcţia acului magnetic. Forţa cu care câmpul magnetic acţionează asupra unui conductor parcurs de curent electric, aflat în acel câmp se numeşte forţă electromagnetică. Direcţia forţei ...

Electric Car Without Battery, make VIRAL ! (Oil replacement solution) Magnetic Motor/ I could not find the man in the video will continue to look. The poster has comments but I do not think they are from the person in video nor do I agree. IT'S all about money and they cant make it on this like they can on oil and plug in electric cars.


The Clearest Images Of Another Planet You've Ever Seen

The Clearest Images Of Another Planet You've Ever Seen – Mars as seen from the Curiosity Rover