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I follow this with a pumice stone, rinse - then apply Vick's Vapo Rub to my heels, before I go to bed

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Pinterest Listerine Foot Soak Analysis

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DIY Foot Soak-- It's better than any pedicure I've ever paid for!! 3 ingredients and 15 minutes is all it takes!

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Your New Miracle Cure For Dry, Cracked Heels Is...Mouthwash

This strange-sounding foot soak of Listerine and vinegar works wonders to smooth and soften dry, cracked feet and heels. Try it for yourself!

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Summer Foot Soak Combine the following: 1/2 Cup Vinegar (I used Apple Cider cause its all I had, but distilled works the same) 1/2 Cup Listerine 1 Cup hot water Soak for 10-15 min. Dead skin falls right off.

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