236 Days of Romantic Films:Till Valentines:...IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU...if only! This movie dares you to believe in white knights on white horses. LOVE STORY AD LOTTERY TICKET Loosely based on a true story it's a feel 'real' good Rom-Com. Brigette Fonda and Nic Cage share some descent chemistry, while Rosey Perez does spurned New York wife like a lunatic. QUOTE: "I told you I'd share my ticket. I never planned on sharing my heart. Maybe I could get lucky twice today."

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Apparently I had a teacher who met Ed Harris during shooting of this; said he was a very nice man. That little trivia tidbit aside, I have to admit, I have a soft spot for this Michael Bay movie: the action scenes are really well shot, the plot is sorta interesting and the dynamic between tough-as-nails Connery and nerd Cage saves it from being a complete disaster. Being shot in my backyard helps too.

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Sou apaixona por esse filme,posso ver varias vezes e sempre vou gostar!!!

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Knowing : Very nice and thought provoking movie with Nicolas Cage. Pity it didnt too well, but definitely recommended.

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Directed by Oliver Stone. With Scott Eastwood, Shailene Woodley, Nicolas Cage, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. CIA employee Edward Snowden leaks thousands of classified documents to the press.

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"You... you got a love bite on your neck. He's coming back this morning, what's the matter with you? Your life's going down the toilet! Cover up that damn thing! Come on, put some make-up on it!"

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2013 - Next (2007) 6.1/42 Nicolas Cage, Julianne Moore, Jessica Biel, Thomas Kretchman; another improbable premise. Cage has a way with crappy plots, and he has a bad hair movie in this one

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