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Good Looks: The Talented Mr. Ripley

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Mr. Beat is a teacher who makes history videos and songs. He has written songs about all of the Presidents and has created music videos for all of them. His ...

Com seu pandeiro, e a rosa vermelha no cabelo... que bonito ver a Cigana no terreiro ...

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Keith Moon moved his hands and arms like an octopus, just like his mentoring idol before him- Mr. Gene Krupa

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CREDIT: Life Tree Design drumkit designs are shared on Facebook by pseudonym musician Mr. Sawbladehead who describes himself as Artist, Professional Drummer, Audio Engineer, metal fabricator. Website is on MySpace site. #Sawbladehead

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Oh Lord! Just look what we did before Downton: Photos show stars before they became household names

so this. this is a young mr. bates (via downton) and that's all I am going to say about that.

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I love football, always have. But for the ladies that could give two shits less about the superbowl, let me introduce you to the Broncos wide receiver... Mr. Eric Decker ;)

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