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Ms Symptoms Checklist

Autoimmune Disease Checklist -- A Handy List of Symptoms That Can Point to Possible Autoimmune Conditions, to Bring to the Doctor / Thyroid Disease Information Source - Articles/FAQs


Patient surveys of symptoms checklist for dr. Diana Driscoll #fibro #spoonies #ME #MS #Fibromyalgia You can help contribute to research!


Checklist of MS Symptoms

Top 10 MS Symptoms - Numbness of the Limbs Balance Abnormalities Loss of Vision Double Vision Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction Behavioral Changes Cognitive Dysfunction Motor Abnormalities Abnormal Sensations Sexual Dysfunction LIVESTRONG.COM

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Patient’s Rebuttal to RA Pain Catastrophizing Claims

Rheumatoid Arthritis carried that baggage into the twentieth century when articles were published about such things as a “rheumatoid personality.” Patients who suffered from RA’s cruel and unpredictable symptoms tended to remain extremely private about RA symptoms. RA also remained a mystery to science as one researcher said last year at ACR, “We still don’t know what RA is.”


Many people ask if they should follow an autoimmune protocol, but the first question should be - do I have an autoimmune condition? Here is a post that helps identify if the autoimmune protocol is right for you. You May Have an Autoimmune Disease But Don’t Know It! | Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D., The Paleo Mom

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Are You Hypothyroid and Your Treatment Isn't Working?

Help, I'm Hypothyroid and I Still Don't Feel Well. Optimal: TSH around 1 Free T3 in upper half of 25% of normal range.