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InstallAware is App-V for the Masses App-V Builder: Compile any existing InstallAware project as an App-V Package App-V Viewer: Open and inspect the contents of any pre-existing App-V Package Hybrid 32 bit & 64 bit: Combine 32+64 bit applications inside a single package MSI: Create an MSI file to silently push your packages Command Line: Automate your build process

RDP2MSI creates MSIs for deploying RemoteApp connections. It will create an MSI that can deploy an RDP file to another computer and create shortcuts in the Start Menu and on the Desktop.


This is the latest version (10.0) of this amazing lottery software which has already made $millions. To download this FREE! follow the link, double click the MSI file, follow the on screen instructions to install.\XAb2eW

HP ZBook 15u G2 - Review & Product info Design The HP ZBook 15u G2 sports a suit in three shades of gray, a professional design that looks understatedly sleek and demure - the strong, silent type. The shiny HP logo in the center of the lid is the darkest, while the area surrounding it is a slightly lighter shade of brushed aluminum. It's bordered by another layer of aluminum whose smooth finish matches the rest of the notebook's magnesium-reinforced body. The ZBook 15u isn't as bulky as…

This solution illustrates how to find the MSI log file for PC's running Windows 7 and above. The steps for Vista and XP are similar in nature, Windows may use different hidden folder names.  1.  T...