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Mud, Sous les rives du Mississipi > Site officiel VF - Un film de Jeff Nichols avec Reese Witherspoon, Matthew Mcconaughey, Michael Shannon


Mud is a crisp, raw, and legendary film that would grip your heart from the first scene. Every character has his/her own purpose giving the film a coherent force that keeps you seated through a whole two hours. Great experience is a gift of watching this film--something that has not happen all the time. Mud will stain your heart with unforgettable film-watching experience.

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The Kids (Tye Sheridan & Jacob Lofland) are brilliant and so is Matthew McConaughey in this steady paced suspense drama. Though Sam Shepard plays an utterly reclusive old man, he convinces you in the end that he got what it takes.


Hi, I'm Lillian you can call me Lily of you want to. I'm 10 years old but I'm pretty smart for my age. I love reading, doodling, and playing outside. I love playing with my siblings, I have a lot after all. I have lived here all my life so I haven't seen any other place that is not here. I love exploring, inside and outside! I love my parents a lot but I just don't see them much.

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First High-Resolution Images of the Wreck of the Titanic

Next month is the 100th anniversary of the disastrous voyage of the RMS Titanic — the unsinkable ship that wasn't. And just in time for this momentous occasion, National Geographic is featuring the clearest, most high-resolution images of the Titanic at rest on the ocean floor.


This is like the ONLY Merlin/Arthur hug in the whole show and it is when Merlin looks like a literal clotpole