(Open rp w/Sienna) I sift through the layers of information, my mind racing. I needed to pinpoint a weakness. As I had learned, any machine may work well, but there is always a flaw and that flaw can be exploited. I pull up several files and take a sip of my wine, although I'm several years under age. "Sienna, you're too young to be drinking that-"

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Interactive Presentation of the "Electronic University" System. by InteractiveLab. To present “Electronic University“ system at Far Eastern Federal University during the APEC 2012 summit in Vladivostok Interactive Lab developed a unique solution — panoramic projection screen controlled from multi-touch holographic platform.

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Successful: it condensed 1500 years of information into a holistic, multi touch, multi layered interface. users select objects which lead them to hidden interfaces where they can focus on a single item within the grand scheme of the whole timeline. open to individual and shared experience

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With the atracBar you can transform your conventional counter, bar top or information desk into an astonishing interactive surface that will react to the objects laid on it.

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Multi Touch Interactive Video Wall Display The interactive or multi touch video wall display is a very large and wide touch or gesture sensi...

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