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Mummification: Let's Mummify Barbie!

Let's Mummify Barbie! Seriously, this is awesome...they created a traditional mummification based on Egyptian tradition for one of the greatest lessons...ever!


If you have a SMART board or a set of computers for your kids to use, this Discovery Kids Mummy Maker will be a hit! Your kids will walk through the whole mummification process.


How to make a mummy As anyone who’s seen a mummy knows, ancient Egyptian priests went to a lot of trouble to evade decomposition. But how successful were they? Len Bloch details the mummification process and examines its results thousands of years later. View full lesson: Lesson by Len Bloch, animation by The Moving Company Animation Studio. By: TED-Ed.

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Embalm your Own Egyptian Mummy On-Line

List of on-line games that let you embalm your own mummy and learn about the mummification process. So cool to add to unit or lessons on Ancient Egypt. My kids LOVE this game!

from Kid World Citizen

Embalm your Own Egyptian Mummy On-Line

Mummification process online game, suitable for early childhood! My kids are making a mummy craft and this is a great warm up interactive Smart Board lesson!

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Ancient Egypt Potato Mummy Lab Activity

Ancient Egypt Mummy Potato Lab This is a great lab to use in tandem with a lesson on ancient Egyptian mummification, as an introduction to the mummification process, or as an extension activity for students needing enrichment opportunities. The ancient Egyptians used a salt-like substance called natron during the mummification process in order to help preserve the bodies. This lab is meant to help students understand and observe the effects of natron using potatoes and baking soda/salt.