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Muscular Strength Test

Complete the core workout everyday for 7 days. Improve your muscular endurance and test your abs, arms, glutes and core with the Core Workout!


As a trainer, performing proper assessments is essential to program development and evaluation. Muscular strength testing plays a major role in a client’s muscular fitness assessment, making it critical to know the difference between actual 1 RM and predicted 1 RM. Learn from ACE’s Tyler Pagano as he discusses the difference between the two and when to utilize each assessment technique.

What loads are best for improving muscular strength and/or size? Previous work in resistance-trained subjects has identified that when using similar volumes of training heavy (7 sets of 3RM) and moderate (3 sets of 10RM) loads produce similar degrees of hypertrophy but heavy loads lead to greater increases in strength. This next study builds on that earlier work by comparing different volumes of training with either heavy (3 sets of 2 - 4RM) or moderate (3 sets of 8 - 12RM) loads…


Balance Outcomes Following a Tap Dance Program for a Child With Congenital Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy ---- Pediatric Physical Therapy: Fall 2014 - Volume 26 - Issue 3 - p 360-365 --- Conclusion: Participation in a progressive tap dance class by a child with congenital MMD1 may facilitate improvements in static and dynamic balance.


Deadlift Tips and Tricks


Simple exercises to strengthen your glutes while keeping your body in alignment. "Weak gluteal muscles can be blamed for many low back, hip and knee pain/injuries. Without the muscular support, the back, hip and knee are subject to increased loads and excessive motion leading to friction and wear and tear."


Yoga for Core Strength