August 06, 1945. Mushroom cloud from the atomic explosion over Hiroshima. S)

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Skybourne, mushroom cloud. On my drawing board right now. Things get real in this issue. At this point I can draw mushroom clouds in my sleep. ;-) @frankchoartist #skybourne #boomstudios #boomcomics #mushroomcloud

This is what the world would have become if there was a nuclear war. Both the U.S. and the USSR backed down their armaments because the country would be destroyed.

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b: How to Photograph an Atomic BomPlumbbob Hood, 74 kilotons, Nevada Test Site, July 5, 1957. @Cecelia Pesa

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Japanese People Battling the Air Paul Stamets, official on mushrooms, claims the mushrooms can remediate radioactive fallout and heal Japan within about 10 years. Look it up!

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Aerial view of mushroom cloud from atomic bomb Able, Bikini Atoll in the Pacific. Date 1 July 1946

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