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Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor Pilát) | "Mushroomers in the know use the tough caps as a pleasant mushroom-flavored chewing gum while walking in the woods. They also boil them to make a healthful tea or broth for soup."

mycobratpack: Naming issues with the Russian Leather Waxcap: Okay, so, illustrated above is a mushroom that is common EVERY YEAR in our redwood forests throughout CA, and with other trees farther north. It is called Camarophyllus russocoriaceus by almost everyone, and that name is good in the sense that everyone understands what you’re talking about: a small, waxy-cap like fungus, white overall sometimes with pink or yellow tones, and a strong odor of cedar. However, that name originally…

Moon Night Mushroom (Tsukiyotake) - Omphalotus japonicus A spectacular photo of the bioluminescent fruiting bodies of the mushrooms scientifically named Omphalotus japonicus (Marasmiaceae), glowing in...

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Giant Honey Fungus grows in country cottage car park

Do not eat: The fungus may be named after honey but they are harmful if eaten, especially with alcohol

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17 Photos Of Mushrooms You'll Weirdly Enjoy

These very aptly named Stink Horns. | 17 Photos Of Mushrooms You'll Weirdly Enjoy