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Make Paper Plate Tambourines


20 Easy and Adorable Paper Plate Crafts - Page 14 of 20

Paper plates are one of the items in our homes that have so many incredible uses that I’m sure most of us either under utelize or just don’t know about! One of those uses is to craft with them! There …


Tissue Box Guitar Craftyou'll need: •Empty tissue box (the kind with the opening along just the center of the top side) •Stickers or markers •Rubber bands (different widths if possible) How to make your guitar craft •Decorate you’re the tissue box using stickers or markers. •One by one, slip the rubber bands onto the tissue box so that they go over the opening in the box


10 minute toilet roll shakers

Last week my daughter came home from pre-school showing off a fancy toilet roll shaker she had made. She danced around the house shaking it with a huge smile on her face for quite a while. My young…


Mardi Gras Paper Plate Tambourine

Paper plate tambourine is a perfect Mardi Gras Activity for Kids. Easy enough for pre-school children and inexpensive to make. Find more Mardi Gras crafts for kids at