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FYI: How you feel affects how you look. This is not a new idea. When you're sad and unhappy, you won't look your best. Suppose what I say is true and you can control your emotions by changing your thinking. This in turn means that you have the ability, to some extent, to control how you look.~ Dr. Neal Houston, Sociologist


So glad Daddy gets his revenge on Mommy by holding out on my child support! ... Said no child ever.


Fortunately my ex husband pays his child support regularly, and I am thankful for that. I can't stand when I hear men complain about paying child support, it costs so much more than what anyone understands to raise a child when they grow out of clothes and shoes every month, paying for preschool and daycare, doctors appts, not to mention the basics like a place to live, water for baths and food in their bellies. I pay close to $800 a month just in daycare and preschool. Kids are not cheap.


The only thing worse than a dead beat dad is one that HAS a good job and STILL won't help support his kids...


This is what it was like dealing with the ex/bio-dad, and in return he and his family made little to no attempt to be a part of my child's life, plus his wife kept him from being a part of it even more when she came into the picture. The last time he contacted my child was December 2010, and since then there has been nothing from him. And yes, that does make him a deadbeat.


They don't care about their children. They care about inflicting emotional trauma on you, oblivious and careless of the emotional abuse inflicted on their very own child(ren).