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It's funny how bad of a picture you try to paint of my husband when he is the total opposite with me. So maybe it had something to do with you and all of the bs you did!!!!!

from Poshmark

⭐️DONT KILL MY VIBE!! Bracelet⭐️ Don't Kill My VIBE Bracelet . We all have been there ....we're having a blue sky day..and here comes a letter, a neg. bank balance, the ex and his new gf, a boss with bad news...or that certain someone who is a killer of all good vibes!! Wear this and protect yourself!! Its ant anti- negative vibes killer!! Gift one to a friend who gets it!! For a woman or a man!! Available in silver as well!! Mix and Match,BUNDLE and save!! Thanks!😊✌🏼️💗 @mybkueskydays…

Things my ex bought me and turned around and bought his new gf. I find it funny and very insulting to his new gf that he'd buy the same things for her as he did for me. I'd be embarrassed of I was her, but then she uses songs that were she and her ex's as their songs now. I'll die laughing if on thier wedding day they have the song Keeper of the Stars or if he writes on the bottom of her shoes. It's so funny how he wants her to be me so bad.