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For people who are Lunar Scorpios (ie - Scorpio Moon Folks, not sun signs). Don't go thinking this is just about Scorpios, because its not based on Sun signs which is the stuff you read or your daily horoscope. This is a MOON SIGN! Completely different. I'm an Aries, that my birth sign, my MOON Sign is in Scorpio. You can find out about that by getting a birth chart done online for free either on or

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“I am SUN SIGN, but my emotions are rather MOON SIGN. I think in a MERCURY SIGN way, but express my energy in a MARS SIGN way. In love, I seek VENUS SIGN. I take on the role of RISING SIGN.”Replace the placements with the corresponding words and see what you’ve got! You can find all your signs here:

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My Friend told me according to my birthday my moon is in Virgo. :) THE WORLD OF ASTROLOGY:

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Moon in Sagittarius. Oooh, this is so true of me... though I can be quite detail-oriented due to my Virgo Ascendant.

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What's My (Rising) Sign? Free Ascendant Calculator Tool

What’s My (Rising) Sign? Free Ascendant Calculator Tool

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What is a moon sign? My Moon is in Taurus

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THE WORLD OF ASTROLOGY: : Photo Technically not sagittarian but my sun sign is sag and my moon sign is Aquarius.

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moon influences. #Zodiac #Astrology For related posts, please check out my FB page:

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capricorn moon. #Zodiac #Astrology For related posts, please check out my FB page:

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Haha my Moon sign is Cancer. This is why I pick up on how someone is feeling so easily. I've done it forever.

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