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My Rental Living

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4260 Paul Sweet Rd, Santa Cruz, CA 95065

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The Fortress fantasy villa overlooking the Hollywood Hills

Located in Los Angeles, California, Sunset Plaza Mansion is a stylish and luxurious getaway designed by David Lawrence Gray Architects. The interior combines

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Why I Bother Decorating A Rental Home

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You can make up your own LaCroix flavor with this online generator

A Tour Of My Rental Apartment with Mr. Kate. I love Mr. Kate! Her place is full of items from the side of the road, Goodwill, the Flea Market and DIY projects! Wish I were that creative.

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How Can I Upgrade My Rental Apartment Without Upsetting My Landlord?

Dear Lifehacker, I'm renting my apartment right now, and I'm a little annoyed that everything in the place seems like it was made in the Is there anything I can upgrade in my apartment without upsetting my landlord?


FIRST NIGHT IN THE #CAMPERVAN!!!! She's ready to sleep/live in but it's a mostly temporary setup due to needing to work to deadlines with my rental property. Once I'm out of the house I can do my #van up at my leisure😊 It was a great #firstnight though. The #vanlife is something I've been looking forward to for a longtime and getting the bed in was a huge hurdle. I can't wait to buy sheets and my own curtains and get the walls/ceilings/floor etc in but for now I am so extremely #excited…

Quick and easy patio garden for $150 using Ikea Applaro wall panels. Great DIY for apartment / rental living :-)