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I can say...I don't feel broken like I did when my back first went out. That for me has been the hardest thing I've had to deal with! I went from being an amazing house wife/mom to nothing but someone who had to lay around and do nothing or I would suffer for it! Well if you know me you know I just suffered because after #losing #135lbs the last thing I wanted was to go back to laying around!!! So I have been mad sad depressed I have felt guilty for not being able to stick with my husband…


I hate that my mom favorites my one sister and uses my other one. Then makes me feel like I'm worthless and my wife and kids are not important. You've taught me Everything I don't want to be.

from Time-Warp Wife

My Thoughts on "Working" Moms


This quote reminds me of my mom and how worried she gets when one of my siblings or I don't come home on time. She cares so much about us that she wants to make sure we are okay. Even though it annoys us, I have never really appreciated how much my mom cares about us children until I came to college.


Nobody will ever Love you more than your Momma but that day will come when you find your soulmate. Gods partner that He has chosen for you. And I'll gladly take my place and take a step back and let you lead your family and let your wife take care of you. I'll do all of this because I love you!


This has been my favorite Bible verse for years, long before I started dating my Airman! God always has a plan!

from the Better Mom

Parenting With My Husband, Not Against Him

Parenting absolutely affects our marriage relationship, but have you noticed that it can also be a huge contributor in bringing us closer together as husband and wife? Are you working WITH your husband and not against him in your mothering? Are you ready to start?