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FUN Hallway Behavior Management Idea. Before you leave the classroom pick a chip with a students name but don't tell who it is. They are the mystery walker and you are watching that student the entire time. If they do a good job in the hall, they get a ticket or prize.


Secret Student - choose a student and write their name on the cert at the start of the day - but don't tell the class who it is. At the end of the day, give the child the certificate - but only if they had a good day! If not, don't say who the student was, just that they didn't have a great today, maybe they will tomorrow - What an awesome idea! Really think I will use this - and so easy to manage on casual days too as the kids don't know who it is...


Mystery Walker. This one has saved me so many headaches! Once we are all lined up and ready to leave the classroom, I choose a name from the bucket and put it in my pocket. This is our "mystery walker'. I keep my eyes on this child while we are walking in the hall. If this child has been on his/her best behavior, he/she gets to pick a prize from my treasure box when we get back to class.


Secret Star {Freebie} >> Similar to Secret Pocket.... Secret Star is a classroom management tool that works WONDERS on hallway behavior, assembly behavior, teacher talking to the Principal by the door behavior… you get the idea!

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SECRET WALKER A Classroom Management Tool for Walking a Class in a Line