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Shang Yang the Bird that Makes the Rain Linocut - Imaginary, Mythical Bird with Rain Cloud Print Illustration

New to minouette on Etsy: Shang Yang the Bird that Makes the Rain Linocut - Imaginary Mythical Bird with Rain Cloud Print Illustration (21.00 USD)

The Phoenix: a mythical bird with a 500-1000 year lifespan (depending on the source). At the end of its life cycle it builds a nest of spices and ignites them. Both the bird and nest are reduces to ashes from which a new, young phoenix arises. The phoenix is a symbol of death, rebirth and immortality.


TWO LARGE BRONZE CANDLESTICKS WITH MYTHICAL BIRDS DECCAN, INDIA, 18TH/19TH CENTURY Cast, each with tray base on short flared foot, the faceted and ribbed shaft supporting a five-spouted oil bowl, with perched mythical bird (hamsa) at top 32½in. (82.5cm.) high

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Large Vintage Mythical Bird Brooch Phoenix

Hakuturi- Maori myth: bird-like guardians of the forest. They protect it and avenge any desecration of it. They are the children of Tane.


LX_112 Arts & Crafts embroidery depicting mythical birds Arts & Crafts silk embroidered picture depicting a pair of mythical birds framed in oak Length 66 cm x Width 55 cm Circa 1895

3 | Garuda, a large mythical bird,Tibet 2013 | Like to see the pictures as LARGE as your screen? Just click on this Slideshow : The Garuda (Sanskrit: garuḍa, "eagle") is a large mythical bird or bird-like creature that appears in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology. This Garuda is on top of a big stupa of the monastery of Gomar Gar Ganden Püntsok Ling. In Buddhist mythology, the Garuda (Pāli: garuḷ...