Daphne is a nymph in Greek mythology. Her beauty attracted the attention of the god Appollo, who pursued the poor nymph relentlessly. Rather than submit to his unwanted attention, Daphne pleaded with her father for help. He turned his daughter into a laurel tree, thus losing her, but saving her purity.

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Medusa headpiece. Whoever had this idea was genius. Worked perfectly. Wire, fake snakes, spray paint and headbands. Looks fantastic!

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Poseidon (/pɵˈsaɪdən/; Greek: Ποσειδῶν, pronounced [pose͜edɔ́͜ɔn]) is one of the twelve Olympian deities of the pantheon in Greek mythology. His main domain is the ocean, and he is called the "God of the Sea". Additionally, he is referred to as "Earth-Shaker"[1] due to his role in causing earthquakes, and has been called the "tamer of horses".[2] He is usually depicted as an older male with curly hair and beard.

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Isis Isis was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the patroness of nature and magic. She was the friend of slaves, sinners, artisans and the downtrodden, but she also listened to the prayers of the wealthy, maidens, aristocrats and rulers.

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