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I love these nails. Perfect length and shape. Also, this person was driving at 40mph while they took this picture.... are you kidding me??


Coffee nails! 'First I have the coffee then I do the things'These are inspired by my bestie Jane@jane.bussenschutt love you coffee head! @moyra_nailpolish stamping plate 'Sweet dreams' @zoyanailpolishaustralia 'Desiree' brown nail polish @colorclubnaillacquer 'Nature way' cream nail polish 'Speed up' fast drying top coat @urbannailart 'Simply peel' liquid latex barrier @myblisskiss (peel off stuff I apply around my nail for easier clean up) by…


Fake nails made out of straws! First you get a straw and cut it so you can lay it flat. Then you can either glue them on with nail glue or nail sticker and paint on a design after the nails are on your fingers or you can paint them first and then put them on your nails. (I usually paint them first)


Rainbow Nails! :) First paint your nails white then get a sponge and polish on two colours overlapping them so it makes three colours then sponge onto your finger. You will need to apply two or three coats and then put clear polish on.