It's never ok to verbally mentally or emotionally abuse anyone. There is no play name calling when it comes to hurting someone else.

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Stephanie - Insults are the last resort of insecure people with a crumbling position trying to appear confident.

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Quotes About Calling People Names | Quotes About People Calling You Names Calling people names,

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So true. Name calling and insults are thrown out there because they are standing in shaky ground due to all the lies they tell!

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He loves to tell people that I ruined our family when I left him: I left him to save our children and myself from his mental and physical abuse.

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#Positive Words Activity: Lesson on how we can use our words to lift each other up. Great for students who are struggling with self esteem or with name calling. I use this activity school wide during No Name Calling week, Anti bullying week, SEL social emotional learning classroom guidance lessons.

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quotes about low down people | Richards : Putting someone down with name calling reveals your own low ...

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