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"hey i'm ashton, i'm 22 and single. i play drums in 5 seconds of summer" i smile "i have a little sister mel who i love with my whole heart...if anything happened to her, i don't even know"

He girls of pll get tattoos of the first letter of their characters name- bought by I. Marlene King

That's very true..... Never thought of that before... No last name exists is a woman's. They're all men's names, given to you by SOME man in the past. Weird.

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Sweet-Tooth Snacks

Sweet-Tooth Snacks on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery

Let me get this straight. Police from 5 states were paid with our extorted tax dollars to attack water protectors with water cannons in 23 degree weather for over 6 hours, blew apart a woman's arm, nearly killed a tribal elder, shot a 13-year old girl in the head, sent around 30 people to the hospital, injured 300 -- lied about all of it -- so an oil conglomerate can poison the water for profit?

Brownie "A World of Girls" Journey - It's Your Story - Tell It! [All the girls wrote the names of objects on the stones. Each girl choose 3 stones from the basket. She then had to make up a short story (3 or 4 sentences) that contained those three words.]