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Name Tattoo Placements

9 hours ago

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This, this is exactly what I am getting. Actually on friday. But with Peyton's name and dob.

Crown Tattoo Designs (12)....... want this one on right foot with Skyla's name

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Name Tattoo Ideas Hip One Love

tattoo placement - and size - not too big, not too small

Placement but with a sunflower where my sun is and a daisy for shawns birth month with tiny hint of color and his name/birthdate in it

Mandala flower tattoo. Colorful. By Dane @ Atomic . Lakeland, Fl.

Love this!! Tattoos are plain, but the pic is sweet.

Cutest matching tattoo ever. Date of when you met.. It's so dainty and so meaningful, and even if the relationship were to end it's not as distasteful as having a name tattooed on you

LOVING these shoulder tattoos with short, simple phrases

I'm going to do this with the kids first and middle names for my next Tattoo!!

I love the placement of this tattoo, but maybe a different tattoo idea for this spot. I love the Roman Numerals which I would do for Rowen's birthdate and maybe incorporate his name in with the tattoo.

  • Paula D

    Pardon me XCV = 95, I = 1, XVII = 17 Drum roll.... 95 1 17. I do believe its a birth date.

  • Cassandra Johnson

    ^^^ well, call me an idiot, but I'm going to go ahead & guess that the breaks in between the letters indicates.....OMG, a break in the numbers as well, therefore, debunking your '95' theory. Smartass.

tattoos with kids names | Baby Name Tattoos Placement Ideas

I've always said the only tat I would ever get is my kids names shaped into a heart! This is awesome! Just need some cajones!!!

tattoo ideas for women for their children | Best Tattoo Designs For Baby Names | Baby Name Tattoos

Bird tattoo--- placement for blue bird?

Lock Key Ribbon Bow Tattoo would look good as a chest or thigh placement.

My last name is Oliveira, wich means “olive tree”. So, I decided to make this to show how important my family is to me. The hearts represent my grandfather and grandmother, and I choose to do it on my Achilles tendon, because, as I always say, my family is my weakness. My tattooer is Marco Teixeira from Curitiba/Brazil.

I want the under the heart placement for my first tattoo of my father's name "terry lee"

Wrist wrap tattoo. Love the placement. It's like a permanent bracelet:)

Child's name.

Everyone, I just got some amazing brand name purses,shoes,jewellery and a nice dress from here for CHEAP! If you buy, enter code:atPinterest to save www.superspringsa... - Foot tattoo: My daughter

Masculine placement for Baby name tattoo design for men - ribs tattoo idea

#tattoo #free

I kinda like this and the placement, except I'd have 3 with different colours and the initial of my boy's first names :)