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Micha'ele Cherie~ Medium Intuitive - Saints, Angels,and ascended masters A Quick List of Archangels corresponding "Angel Duties"

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∆ Archangel Chamuel...Name means: He who sees God or He who seeks God Angel of Peace, Comfort and Love Crystal: Green Flourite / Rose Quartz Patron Angel of Personal and Global Peace and Calmness. Chamuel is a powerful healer and leader in the Angelic hierarchy know and the 'Powers' who protect the world from fearful and lower energies. You can call upon Chamuel for comfort, protection and the intervention in world events. Chamuel helps with love, tolerance and gratitude.

Who Are the 7 Archangels | The 7 Archangels are a powerful group of Spiritual Beings

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Gabriel was the Archangel that announced the coming of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. He appeared to Zacharias, to announce the nativity of St. John the Baptist, cousin of Jesus Christ. The greatest honor of Gabriel consists of being sent by GOD to Mary in Nazareth and announce to her that she was chosen to be the Mother of GOD. The name Gabriel means "The Power of GOD.