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The reason I love him / the handsome meme | BTS - Taehyung


[Bangtan News] I'm not hating on Weekly Idol, but I hope they don't cut any of the members out. Last time, Yoongi and some of Seokjins parts were cut out when all the members were asked to do something. The editors job is to make the show 'funny and interesting' but I could literally just watch them do nothing for an hour and It would be the best thing ever. I just hope they all equally have fun while on the show, that's all ❤ FIGHTING!!! #BTS #방탄소년단


[ fc - lucas ] "hello, i'm lucas but you can call me luke. i'm 18 years old and single. i have a little sister named cora, and i'm quite protective of her. oh! and i'm in a band and we suck." i laugh. "anyways, intro?"


SULLY aka BULLY - A1093143 - - Brooklyn Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 10/19/16: **AVERAGE RATED, HANDSOME BOY LOOKING FOR LOVE** Sully thought he had finally found his forever person this time. A kind person found him wandering the streets alone, and took him home. Because he was so well behaved and knew house manners, the finder kept him, and named him. This was his home for two weeks before the New York City Housing Authority said he couldn’t be there. Unfortunatel


The many sides of Min Yoongi | Ah, this hurts my heart so much... My dog who was also named Holly just died from cancer August... Right in my heart...