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So maybe you're looking for a wine gift for a friend who has a sweet tooth. Let…

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15 Wines 90 points + Under $15

Great idea, easy, quick, guide to good wines. I Would try and put my wineries selection on here and put that out on the Web. That way people are just looking at all the great wines that a single winery are offering.

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Burgundy vs Garnet Color Chart | ... red burgundy wine maroon crimson vermilion oxblood ruby puce claret

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Learn about your Italian wines | Some of the most popular Italian red wine names

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Jack's Ultimate Steak Marinade

Jack's Ultimate Steak Marinade - steaks marinated in red wine, chili sauce, red wine vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, onion, garlic, salt, pepper and a bay leaf. This marinade is seriously delicious! Our new go-to marinade. TONS of great flavor!!

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Color Thesaurus, A Visualization of the Various Names for Common Colors

To aid her writing, author and artist Ingrid Sundberg has created Color Thesaurus, a visualization of a variety of names for common colors. The visualization includes the following colors: white, t...

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Folie a Deux Menage a Trois Red Wine..Named for its blend of three varietals: Zinfandel from Amador, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc from Napa. The Zin (69%) provides a backbone of peppery flavors and dense textures, while the Cab (26%) smoothes it out, making it a joy to drink. A touch of Cab Franc (5%) adds a fruitiness that complements the other varietals. Deep and juicy, with scents of blackberry and plum.

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