The Painted Veil (2006) “The past was finished; let the dead bury their dead.” “Even though he had sacrificed her and cared nothing for her, even though he was callous and unkind, she loved him.”

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LOVED IT!!!! Naomi Watts and Robin Wright play two mothers who 'Adore' their sons

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Diana (Movie) 2013 - Naomi Watts was perfect as Lady Diana. Lovely movie, it was so touching... A real story about how can people destroy a life with malevolence, hate, envy and mostly: with judgment. We love this woman with my mom, I think she was an angel with her pure heart & love. I really feel sorry about her story, but I respect her so much... She was the queen of hearts.

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Naomi Watts. I just took a test on who is my celebirty look alike and she is who I got.

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5/18/14 7:41p ''King Kong'' Naomi Watts Jack Black Adrien Brody December 2005 Foreign Poster

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