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Nap Meaning

The alarm goes off and your eyes open. What's the first thing you do?1 If you're like most people, you have a good stretch. This instinctual action is called pandiculation, and it does wonders for rebooting your body. Pandiculation comes from the Latin word pandere, meaning "to stretch." Humans aren't the only animals to engage in pandiculation. have a dog or cat, you've likely noticed their full-body stretch in the morning or after a nap. They'll arch their backs, stretch out their fr


Power Naps Take on a Whole New Meaning

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Dear Naps I'm Sorry Throw Pillow | T-Shirt

Dear Naps I'm Sorry Throw Pillow | Dear Naps, I'm sorry i was mean to you when I was a kid. Funny pillow expresses what naps mean to you as an adult and the new love of sleeping. #Skreened

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Let's Party! And By Party I Mean Nap T-Shirt

Let's Party! And By Party I Mean Nap T-Shirt | SnorgTees

DockATot Deluxe - Preston, 5 Days Old: DockATot "reinvents the womb" & gives babe a snug, cozy place to catch some major zZzs. Preston takes a few 2-3 hour naps a day & he's slept through the night already - something that our daughter, Bailey, didn't do until after she was 12 months old. I wish we knew about it with her. More sleep for him means more sleep for me. Visit to buy this must have baby lounger.

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Must-Read Tips for Your First Week with Baby

Yes, your newborn will snooze as much as 20 hours a day, but it won't be in long stretches -- think one- to four-hour spurts. Survival Technique: If you're like me, and you can sleep just about anytime and anywhere, then by all means, sleep when the baby sleeps. What if you're not wired for naps? Then enlist help, stat. Mom Tip: "My mom stayed with us after we brought my son home," says Kim Brown, of New York City, mom of Tessa, 2, and James, 6 months. "Having her there at night to take…

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10 Surprisingly Cool Airport Attractions

Nap Rooms at Heathrow Airport. Unless you're excellent at sleeping upright, you're usually out of luck. But at London Heathrow, a nap means never having to settle for a stiff neck. Located before the security checkpoint in Terminal 4, Yotel offers "cabins" complete with en suite bathrooms & comfy beds from £25 (about $40) for 4 hrs. of sleep. Past-security in Terminal 3, you'll find twin & single suite napping rooms with showers.

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I Like To Party And By Party I Mean Take Naps T-Shirt - Birthday - Gift - Tired - Funny - Humour

I Like To Party And By Party I Mean Take Naps T-Shirt by fizzlco size L

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Pin Of The Week: Insanely Easy Nap Mat

5 pillow cases sewn together and stuffed to make nap mats

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That's a new way to catch 40 winks! Bizarre invention means people can nap anywhere - but it means wearing a 'pillow balaclava'

You can nap anywhere in it - but don't count on being able to catch a sneaky 40 winks during a long business meeting, because the Ostrich Pillow means pulling on what looks like a padded balaclava.