Sleep chart by age ----great baby sleep schedule information including detail on # of day naps, daytime nap duration, and bedtime. Total sleep lines up with new guidelines from National Sleep Foundation.

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According to my sleep study... I go into REM sleep approximately 3-5 seconds after stage 1 sleep. I rarely go into stage 4 sleep and if I do it isn't for long. It's hard to get through a day, even with tons of naps, when your brain never goes through the process of restoring energy and brain tissue growth and repair. So yes I sleep too much but none of it actually helps me feel that much better.

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"I've dealt with enough idiots for the day. I need a nap." This cat is all of us. Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 26 Pics

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Molto New Baby Infant Newborn Sleep positioner Anti Roll Pillow With Sheet Cover #Molto

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I hate mornings Panda. Who wants to get up early in the morning when you’re so comfy under your warm blanket? Did you know that pandas sleep up to 10 hours a day! These “naps” last about 2-4 hours at a time. However, during the summer months, their naps can last up to 6 hours long. =) Here’s another fun fact; pandas go poop while they sleep. Yep, this is true. This is a key indicator of how long a panda may have slept during that sitting...> Read & learn more at

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My kids love to play school. They sit all their stuffed animals in a row and teach them all kinds of things. Mostly they imitate their own teachers. In preschool and early elementary school the day seems to always begin with looking at the calendar as a class and then noticing the weather. A few... Read More »

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DIY Nap Mat. I may have pinned this before, but I totally want to make something like this for my kids one of these days, and I like these with the built in blankets.

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