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Many narcissists will suddenly erupt into what is called a narcissistic rage. This happens when the narcissist feels they have been slighted by not being the center of attention, unappreciated or misunderstood in the manner they deserve! Their rage is irrational & turns into revengeful hatred. The narcissist enjoys inflicting pain & getting even with the person who they believe has failed them.

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Time after time like a small broken-hearted child, I bargained away more and more of my life, my home and my health to try to keep you near me and happy. You're a monster.

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Silence in the Face of Evil - Blind-sided By 2 Narcopaths To maintain the status quo of silence is an unconscionable act of complicity in the destruction of another family is a given based on past performance. The cataly…

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Narcissists are dreadful parents. They are too self absorbed, greedy & self entitled to give their attention & care to a small child. They will make sure that the family photos are seen by all of those who count. This is part of their elaborate image that must be perpetuated.

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