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Narcissists are notorious for treating the general public much better than the people closest to them. Why is this? Narcissists are intensely concerned with the quality of their public image or "billboard".amen!

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25 Common Misconceptions of a Narcissist SO very worth re-pinning over and over again! this is the absolute truth! never forget that it is a choice! selfishness and lack empathy. it is a learned behavior. generation after generation. maternal narcissism destroys families. no contact. greed. love those who love you.

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Eh, not so much "fail to see" as "choose not to see & wouldn't care if they did see". They are inconsiderate of everyone but themselves. The moment they show consideration is the moment they want something in return.

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There is just no winning with some people... Aubrey accounts her experiences with narcissistic and sociopaths abuse and her recovery

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