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Uchiha Sasuke - Naruto

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SASUSAKU FACTS married couple, Sakura refers to Sasuke as "anata" (アナタ, meaning darling) and often as her husband (旦那様, Dan'nasama), whereas Sasuke often refers to Sakura as his wife (妻, Tsuma).

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Itachi Uchiha, Gaara of the Desert, Kakashi Hatake, Sasuke Uchiha, and Naruto Uzumaki and I would do them all!!!!

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Sasuke, Naruto, & Gaara with their mothers ^_^ this is so sweet. I want to cry just thinking of what these guys would do if they had their Mom's with them again. We got to see with Naruto a little.

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i don’t need a week to celebrate sakura because i do it everyday. but here’s a fanart.

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I accidentally did this to a girl I dated a while back. She was mad that I woke her up, but she got over it. :3

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