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<3 Madara & Hashirama - "If you don’t think this is one of the greatest moments in Naruto you’re wrong."

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"Uchiha Madara" Remember ignorant Americans, Japanese culture has the last name first because honor of the family name comes before personal honor.... DON"T let me catch pinterest making it a habit. It's called respect!

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Uchiha Sasuke Obito Tobirama Madara Sarada Naruto Наруто bayram13

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Uchiha madara Naruto Ash Carter

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Hashirama really scored. Madara is hot...too hot, hot damn! Call the police and the fireman...yes, that hot.

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Anime/manga: Naruto (Shippuden) Characters: The 1st and Madara, rejected... LOL, you just put a "WTF?!" face on Madara.

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Obito - Madara - Uchiha - Akatsuki, NARUTO - SHIPPUDEN -, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Pictures

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