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Naruto vs Sauke The Final Clash from the Final Battle from Episode 477. As an animation enthusiast, this scene struck me as so beautifully animated I literally can't stop watching it. The transitions from their younger selves to how they are at this moment was just flawless.〖 Naruto Uzumaki Sasuke Uchiha shippuden final clash battle fight rasengan chidori gif 〗


| Naruto vs Sasuke The Final Battle | GIF made by me :3 from Episode 478 <3 ;_; nouuuuuuu!!!


"Sasuke, if you attack Konoha, then I will be forced to fight you. Keep your hatred until then. And when the time comes, strike it all on me! The only one who can handle all of your hatred is me! Only I can play that role. Then, I will carry the burden of all your hatred and die with you." Uzumaki Naruto; First-Class Shinobi – Naruto: Shippūden E216


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Naruto Episode 108 I love this scene so much. It reflects their personalities so clearly. Sasuke has always been confident of himself since he was part of the Uchiha clan and Naruto has always doubted himself because he was a dropout and was ridiculed by the society. To what everyone could see in this scene was that Sasuke was capable of defeating Naruto and in a way becoming superior but it is later revealed that what Naruto accomplished was so much greater than Sasuke...