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35 terms · incisive forament, superior foramina, median palatal suture, lateral fossa, nasal cavity, nasal septum, floor of the nasal cavity, anterior nasal spine, inferior nasal conchae, maxillary sinus, septa withi

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Normal nasal versus deviated nasal septum -

Straight Nasal Septum

Cocaine Septum Damage | Figure 1. Perforated septum is a hole in the nasal septum that cause ...

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Diona Jonevari (Suwarari) - Pig tusk jewellery (customary wealth), eel bone jewellery for initiation nasal septum piercings, ?mie mountains and beaks of the Papuan Hornbill

Nasal reconstruction surgery not only corrects this deviated septum (nose bone), but the outcome can result in an ability to have a heightened sense of smell, with less nasal infections.

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A CT scan of the head showing the inner workings of the nose with a deviated septum

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