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Roobymark Android App - , Roobymark is the robust mobile application for experiencing high-end VoIP calling at low rates. Roobymark is available on Android and iPhone. End users who are frequently required to make long distance or international calls will find it cost-effective and reliable. The mobile application has intuitive UI with many user-friendly features making it the best choice for end users. It works well with all SIP standard softswitches.What’s exciting?- Low…

Set Phasers to STUN/TURN: Getting Started with WebRTC using Node.js, and Twilio’s NAT Traversal Service

NAT Engelini Aşma Yöntemleri ve UPnP

Протокол STUN в VoIP телефонии. Современные routers with voipимеют встроенный сервис STUN. Благодаря этому они способны эффективно обходить механизмы NAT. Аббревиатуру STUN можно расшифровать как Simple Traversal of UDP through NATs, что означает “простой обход UDP через NAT”. Данный протокол помогает осуществлять маршрутизацию пакетов устройств, находящихся вне NAT. Это очень полезная вещь, однако... read more =>

SopCast v4.1.0 Portable Terms of Service Nowadays all the services on SopCast ( are totally free and only for test purpose. Our client (P2P TV Player) and channel list can be copied and distributed freely for anyone. Any portion of these may not be sold resold or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose that is not expressly permitted by SopCast. Some websites have been found selling the services based on SopCast. Please immediately cease all such infringements. Update…


Aastra 9112i basic single line IP Telephone with speakerphone $20 Key Features: Personal directory Call forward, Call transfer & Call waiting Caller and calling line information Callers log Conference Redial list Live dial pad or pre-dial support Broadsoft’s BroadWorks enhanced SIP – supports Intercom, Shared Call Appearances, CommPilot Call Manager Nortel’s MCS SIP support – Conferencing, Voicemail, and NAT Traversal…


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