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[Image: Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, and Sam Wilson sitting with their backs to the viewer; Bucky, Steve, and Sam are wearing shirts that say “if lost return to Natasha” and Natasha is wearing a shirt that says “I am Natasha.”]thewintertrash:this ot4 is very important to me honestly i was just planning on doing this with steve and bucky but then i was like “let’s be serious they would both get lost and sam would be dragged along somehow and natasha ...


Yes! Also I really like how Steve treats Natasha in this scene - concerned for her well-being without implying that she's incapable. He knows full well what she could do it, but he asks her if she's sure just to reiterate to her that she has the choice.


Natasha Courtney Fine Woodwork specialise in hand making fine woodwork products, many of which are unique, heirloom pieces. Natasha requested a logo from Inkee Press which depicted her love of Scandinavian and mid-century design, from where she draws her inspiration for her work. Her brief stated that she needed her logo to be easily transferred to her work through heat branding, requiring a crisp, clear and minimalist design.