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4.12.15 - Exclusive: USCIS Denies FOIA Request for Ted Cruz’s Naturalization Papers, If They Exist “CONSENT MUST BE PROVIDED BY SENATOR CRUZ…”

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In what is expected to be a major relief for Samajwadi Party president Mulayam Singh Yadav, the Central Bureau of Investigation . for more news on Latest Breaking News ,English News paper in india,English News paper,English News,News In English,Daily News,Indian English News Paper,India news In English,News in India In English,Latest Breaking News In English.. read more at :

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Three Habits You Can Break or Create Today

I definitely need to think about my habits and how to change them

Gujarat chief minister and BJP’s prime ministerial nominee Narendra Modi has turned 63 today. fore more news on Daily News,News In English,Latest Breaking News ,English News paper in india,English News paper,English News,India news In English,Indian English News Paper,News from India In English, News in India In English,Indian News In English... read more at :

#Uganda dictator #Museveni at the UN general assembly The above picture was shared earlier from Uganda. As you can see the entire US government service met Museveni upon his arrival in New York City. Below are updates from Span who is there right now. ============ MUSEVENI WAS A NO SHOW IN NEW YORK. Museveni hurriedly made a trip to France after he was denied entry into the United States to attend the 71st UN General Assembly on refugees. Museveni was scheduled to address the United…

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